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If you are reading this message, you probably live and work in Central Texas and you probably have something to do with the World Wide Web. Maybe you're a CGI coder, maybe you're a Java ace, perhaps you breathe Lingo and Shockwave. You could be a major-league HTML guru that dreams in tables and frames, or perchance a Web artist looking for yet *another* way to make a nav button. You sell software and hardware and services for the Web, or you buy them. You write about the Web, or write for it. You know BSD, RA, SSL, CLUT, CSS, QT, NT, SMTP, CGI, and C++ -- except for that one %^@#*!! thing that works great on 16-bit Windows AOL but not on Netscape for Solaris. Some of you may be called suits, some of you are proud to be geeks, some proudly carry titles like President or Webmaster or Project Manager or Network Engineer. You work for yourself, or a Web shop, or an ad agency or a studio, or maybe you're looking for work, or looking for workers. Maybe you own the business and are thinking about your next payroll, not just the next paycheck. You're in Austin, you're in Round Rock, you're in Dallas, San Antonio, somewhere in Hill Country -- wherever you are, you're just a freeway or a back-road away. Welcome to WebMopac. WebMopac is a new, unmoderated mailing list for Central Texans who work the World Wide Web. It's a place to ask technical questions, discuss design issues, evaluate ISPs, hash out business problems, and pontificate on the future on online commerce. You can share tips 'n' tricks, post URLs and openings, rants and reviews, peeves and Perl. We are starting this list because we think Central Texas needs it. We are so spread out, disconnected, and we are missing the synergy that comes from shared ideas, shared energy, shared perspectives. We hope you agree, and we urge you to forward this message to everyone you know who might be interested. NOTE: Your email address will NOT be sold or otherwise used for SPAM.

To see the collection of prior postings to the list, visit the Austin Archives

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