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Protocols of Interaction

Please follow these protocols, they preserve the integrity of our online discussions. You manage your online reputation by the way you conduct yourself on the group. If you are ever in doubt about the appropriateness of a post, email Kevin or Bijoy.

  1. No promoting your business unless in direct response to a question posed by another bootstrapper asking for help.
  2. No job requests unless you are filling a position for your company.
  3. No posts relating to "what's broken about bootstrap." Add these directly to the wiki page Suggestions to Improve Bootstrap or get in touch directly Danny.
  4. Represent your needs only. A bootstrapper that needs help must be on the list. Requests for non-bootstrap entities are sent directly to Danny.
  5. DO ask any question that will help you move your venture forward
  6. DO share resources, news, connections, information that you think will be relevant to your fellow-bootstrappers.
  7. DO post events you think are of interest (WITHOUT REMINDERS) to the calendar. These could also be any events that your company is putting on that you would like bootstrappers to know about.

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