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Just select edit from the top of the page, copy the lines below, go back to the Boot Board page, edit that page, and paste them into the next section, alter them to contain your information, and you can then "Save Page" to create your own description.

Style 1

David Bluestein II
Company: ii, inc.
Company Size: Small
Stage: Growth
Location: West Austin
Interested Categories

  • Federal Government Business
  • IT/Software Development
  • Managing Growth

Style 2

Beth Schmitz

Avant Pearl Designs +
Company Size
VoD, but highly optimistic
North Austin
Interested Categories
  • Web Usability
  • Web 2.0
  • Boomers & the Web
  • Luxury Consumer Marketing
  • Luxury Retail & the Web
Other Information
  • Full-time Bootstrapper
  • Self-taught goldsmith
  • 7-year veteran of Bootstrapped business.
  • 20+ years technology background -- s/w, marketing
  • Int'l experience manufacturing (Asia)
  • Int'l exp. establishing suppliers, supply-chain
  • Harvard BA Biochem; UT-Austin MBA Mkg/Entrepren
  • Ready to advise other bootstrap businesses.
  • Always looking to learn more.