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Founded by George Kozmetsky as a bridge between UT and the entrepreneurship community, the institute has become increasingly academic and focuses on taking its incubator knowledge to other places. It's more focused on macro-issue related to technology and entrepreneurship, rather than helping individual entrepreneurs. Austin Technology Council and the Digital Convergence Initiative were spun off from IC2.

IC2 activities include:

  • Austin Technology Incubator - not geared for bootstraps, but for companies taking the funding-driven path
  • The Master of Science in Technology Commercialization (MSTC) program, a one-year degree for working professionals focused on the rapid transfer of research, knowledge, and technology from ideas to the marketplace.
  • The Global Commercialization Group, bringing incubation and entrepreneurship expertise worldwide.
  • The UT Austin|Portugal CoLab, a multidisciplinary program building academic excellence in Portugal and helping Portuguese technology-based entrepreneurs to reach US markets.
  • The Bureau of Business Research, providing applied economic research and data to Texas businesses and policymakers.


Prentiss Riddle: info AT ic2 dot utexas dot edu