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There are many fantastic communities, organizations and resources for entrepreneurs of all paths in the Entrepreneur Scene (#ATXentScene twitter hashtag and twitter list). Finding the right mix of support is critical to your entrepreneur journey.

To join Bootstrap Austin:

I. Read the Community Playbook. Bootstrap works differently from other communities/networks and it's important you understand the community before joining. For a brief history, goals and aspirations, read Welcome to Bootstrap and check out the Bootstrap Map to understand the stages, actions and principles of the bootstrap process. Finally, while Bootstrap is a self-service community with minimal hand-holding (hey, you're a bootstrapper!), here are some fellow bootstrappers' perspectives on Navigating the Bootverse.

II. Send an email to: join AT bootstrapaustin DOT org with ALL the following information:

  1. Full name
  2. Company website
  3. Brief description of your venture
  4. Stage of venture (Ideation, Valley of Death, Growth)
  5. Referral from bootstrap member or subgroup lead (if any)

IV. You will receive an email with instructions to join the appropriate yahoo groups.

Short URL for this page: (send this to other folks interested in Bootstrap Austin.