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Jon Lebkowsky


Bootstrap Network is the broadest set of Bootstrap adherents, active members, and groups articulated as a social network. This social network uses several technologies to support granular internal efforts of groups and individuals, including Yahoo Groups for subgroups and Enterprise Teaming for projects.

Small World Labs' white label social network product is the platform for the macro-level Bootstrap Global Social Network. Initially launched only for the Bootstrap Student Community, the online social network, soon to be renamed Bootstrap Online, will be open to all bootstrappers around the world and will become a platform to connect all members and adherents. It is open to anyone who's interested in the bootstrap approach, including potential members that don't know enough to decide whether they're bootstrappers. It's the entry level for the largest organization, and those who realize they're a fit for the deeper work of the organization will eventually join other groups that fit. Others may simply network at the very high level of interaction we're facilitating via the Small World Labs platform.

Related Initiatives

Bootstrap Connector

Join-Now Link on your bootstrap website

Here's how you can add a "Join Now" link to your bootsrap website.

Just cut and paste the code below. It will cause a "Join Now" button to appeaer that links to the login page.

<a href=""><img src="" alt="Join Bootstrap Professional Network Now" style="border:none"></a>

If for some reason people don't like the image, or they want it to pull from their own server, they can modify the image and just modify the img src to point to the new location of that image. The a href and alt text should remain the same.

Guides to Using SWL

Add yourself to a Group by Brian Massey

Bootstrap Feature Requests and Bug Fixes

Undiscussed Feature Requests

  1. alpha sorting of friend names (by first name) when inviting to a group
  2. alpha sorting of groups in "Browse Group" tab
  3. ability to search for groups in the search function
  4. URLs for groups
  5. URLs for profiles
  6. Full e-mail on watchlist - not partial list
  7. Watchlist: reply via registered email addresss.
  8. Moderator gets external email when someone requests to join the group
  9. User can send email to any of groups from 'Compose' menu under the Email tab. (similar to calendar functionality). The system should also not send multiple emails to an end user if the same message is sent to multiple groups.
  10. Admin should be able to see all details on a user's profile - cannot see the hidden sections on users's profiles.
  11. Subscribe (i.e. an iCal feed) to the bootstrap calendar.
  12. "Bootstrapper Partner" choice in "stage of venture"
  13. "?" in profile choices to explain stages - include a web link choice as well.
  14. view Bootstrap groups a member belongs to on their profile
  15. Better navigation while in a group with choices to go to main page, view previous/next message
  16. Email to all from administrator should only go to approved members
  17. Rich-text editing of e-mails
  18. Links to a group's home page when you're in a group

Discussed Feature Requests

  1. See if group Moderators can get same alerts as Group Admin/Owner
  2. Can clicking on an image in the group page take you to a website?
  3. Moderators/admins of groups set event invitation permissions for group members
  4. Connect 2 bootstrappers in my friends list
  5. Request to be connected 1 degree away (ala linkedIn)
  6. Admin-administered fields on member profiles: Full/Partial Member & "Negotiated Service to Bootstrap"
  7. links to other sites from various profile fields (for example www.thehumanfabric from MRE types)
  8. Selective admin capabilities to other users - approve groups, approve users, etc.
  9. Web link on personal profile
  10. permalink for groups
  11. Different page titles per page
  12. Formal way of sending a message when denying someone group membership, other than sending a separate email
  13. Search-again from results page.
  14. Move the location of "Invite new friends" and "who's already a member" on home page
  15. Add "Bootstrapper partner" to "Stage of Venture"
  16. Add missing fields to "Stage of Venture" when new users sign up
  17. Send additional e-mail when the user account is approved by Bijoy

Completed Feature Requests

  1. Selective group approval for pending members 8/14/06
  2. MRE core type combinations choices and stage of venture 8/16/06
  3. Public calendar for non-bootstrap events 8/16/06
  4. Add "Boot Board" Group Type
  5. Increase character count for group description
  6. quick search not finding users
  7. View "stage of venture" response on new user approval list
  8. EVENTS tab removed
  9. Updated Tos and Privacy to reflect Bootstrap Network for Bootstrap Student
  10. Updates to Privacy and TOS Policy.
  11. Default group setting - get instant updates from groups