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We are pleased to offer the BoxCloud service as part of the Bootstrap Open Source initiative.

What is it?

If you have ever struggled to send large file attachments over email, or tried to coordinate around ftp, you know that something as basic as sharing files is much harder than it needs to be...

BoxCloud is a dead-simple way of sharing files with people you know without any uploading or emailing. You simply download a small application and then drag files from your desktop to share them instantly. Once shared, people can then securely access your files over a regular browser using a simple web based interface - they don't need to download or install anything.

You can learn more at the BoxCloud site.

Who is an average user?

Anyone that has ever needed to share or send large files with other people.

How do you generate revenue?

We offer a number of account plans that range from a completely FREE plan (ad-based) to plans ranging between $5/month and $49/month. While the biggest difference across the plans is how much stuff you can share each month, the higher tier plans also offer a few premium features like pickup notifications and personalized branding.

Is there a bootstrapper discount?

Yes. We are making the Basic account plan ($9/month) free for bootstrap members as a special offer. The Basic plan allows you to share up to 25Gb of files each calendar month. In exchange, all we ask is that you tell us what you like/dislike about the service. Simply drop us a line at

Instructions on how to apply this code are as follows:

  1. Download the application from
  2. Launch the application and click "Create New Account"
  3. Select the Basic plan
  4. Fill out all the requested information and at the bottom under "Special offers" enter this coupon code: BOOTFILESHARE. Note that you will need to provide a valid credit card even though you will never get charged under this offer.
  5. Accept the end user agreement and click "Create my account".

If you decide to later upgrade to either the Pro or Premium plans, you can do so from your Account page which is under the Account menu under the BoxCloud application. The regular monthly rates will apply for these plans.

Who is behind BoxCloud?

WiredReach - An Austin based bootstrapped company, of course.

Bootstrap Feature Requests and Bug Fixes

  1. Option to Store files on the server so client doesn't have to be on
  2. set whether boxcloud is automatically loaded on startup

Completed Feature Requests

  1. This is a tough one - not technically, but strategically for us. I completely understand the server advantage but we want to balance feature capabilities and our own resource limitations. Over time we definitely plan on addressing the online issue with a server option, multiple machine option, or a combination of both. Here are some of the considerations:
    1. Sharing versus Sending: We see BoxCloud as much as a collaboration tool as it is a way to send files. Frankly, there are currently better solutions to send large one-time use files. We see the product being used more in iterative environments like design, marketing, etc. We already have commenting and tagging capabilities and are adding more interactive capabilties to the product that will allow files to be previewed and even marked up. Pushing the file to a server is easy but managing all this metadata along with it can get a bit complicated.
    2. Adapts to the way we work: We work on our desktop, not a server. We want to make it dead simple to share and forget. Since files are directly linked to your local machine, once shared, you can continue work as normal and revise the file 1000 times if you wish. All changes are automatically tracked and your clients get the latest versions of everything. Again putting all this on a server creates synchronization headaches especially for folders which a number of our designer clients use to share out their entire customer folders with sub-contractors.
    3. Privacy and confidentiality: This has different mileage for different people. Some we have spoken with, are completely against storing any confidential data on a server.
  2. Since this was requested by a number of people, we have disabled the auto-start feature in the August 18 V1.0.11 release and will be reintroducing it back once we can allow it to be set by the user.