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Sarah Siddiqi - if you want to be part of this initiative, please contact Sarah (sarahsiddiqi06 AT gmail DOT com)



  1. Add the Bootstrap Seal to your website.
  2. Sign up on Featured Bootstrap Members to be featured on the main Bootstrap Network site.
  3. Add a bootstrap logo to your Mikons set
  4. Use the Bootstrap Style Page for Bootstrap projects


This initiative is set up to create a strong brand for the organization. We want a symbol that the members and the outside world can identify us with. So far, the branding process involves:

  1. A Universal Logo for all the Bootstrap Network
  2. A seal that can be used on bootstrap products and services

Why is branding important?

  • It gives us a clear visual of who is part of this network
  • Motivates members to bond and connect with each other more
  • Gives hope and strength to bootstrappers that they are not alone
  • Selling Bootstrap paraphenelia generates revenue

What do we want to start with?

  • Printing stickers that bootstrappers can place at the door of their establishment like a BBB sticker, use as bumper stickers or for for their laptops for example.
  • Get discount tags that members can get discounts for shopping at bootstrappers businesses.
  • Print t-shirts
  • Get a website up that is user friendly and of course has logos on them.

When and where do we want to do this by?

  • This needs to be rolled out by March 12th at SXSW!


  • Bootstrappers are already participating in the festival.
  • It will gives the network great visibility at a venue where thousands of people are going to be there for three days.
  • We are already launching Bootstrap Karma and Bijoy/Kevin are doing a Bootstrap talk at the event.

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