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*[http://www.hearthis.com/index.php/v3/podcast/bootrap Boot Rap web page]
*[http://www.hearthis.com/index.php/v3/podcast/bootrap Boot Rap web page]
*Bootstrap Partners: [http://www.hearthis.com Hearthis] and Sound Quality for recording and editing
*Bootstrap Partners: [http://www.hearthis.com Hearthis] ([http://community.bootstrapnetwork.com/index.php?page_id=24&tgt=1156732816 Brian Massey])and [http://www.soundqualityinc.com Sound Quality] ([http://community.bootstrapnetwork.com/index.php?page_id=24&tgt=1156733179 Z Blair]) for recording and editing
=== Editing Help ===
=== Editing Help ===

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Editing Help

  • Chuck Talk
  • Curt Richtermeyer

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The Boot Rap is produced by Hearthis, a bootstrap member companny. Contact Brain Massey to learn more about Hearthis.

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