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I've been finding it interesting that I seem to be the only person involved with the Boot Boards who thinks that Bijoy's MRE framework may be a useful way to think about the composition of the boards.

I'd love to know where everybody else fits in MRE and where they see their businesses fitting in MRE.

I, for example, have a Maven core with a strong secondary Relater component. I think for my business to succeed it needs to be a Relater company with a Maven infracturure. As such, I'd love a board which is heavy on Relaters so they can help me hold back my Maven tendencies as I guide my business in a Relater direction.

My previous business partner was a Maven/Evangelist and I strongly feel that his Evangelist tendencies pulled us in a wrong direction.

Any comments?

-- Chris Garrigues

BootBoard for Growth,

Here are the people that I know are interested in a Growth Boot Board:

David Swedlow (leader), Ryan Pitylak (me), Mikey Trafton, Jason Myers, Jeff Hotz, Chad Jewell, Anthony Chen, Cruce Saunders, Dustin Wells, Patti Hill

This is a big group to have on one board, or is it? Maybe it's perfect?