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Participants are members of the bootstrap community that take on a limited level of involvement. Becoming a participant within the group is predicated on the desire to contribute mutually to those in the organization. A participant, while a bootstrapper, usually does not consider the Bootstrap Community to be one of the top 3 organizations that they participate in. The goal of the typical participant is casual learning, and keeping their eyes open for beneficial activities throughout the group.


  • Ability to ask questions of fellow bootstrappers
  • Learn from other's experiences
  • Discover other bootstrappers


Typical Participation

  • Observation of Yahoo Group(s)
  • Observation of Social Networking Community
  • Casual Learning

Community Systems


  • No Solicitation
  • No attacking of community members
  • No public complaining about stuff – if its broken then talk to a leader in the community and think about becoming a Contributr to fix it
  • Opportunities: The Bootstrap Community is a constantly changing place that holds many different types of activities for its members. The most current list of initiatives can be found on the Bootstrap Wiki.


  • Models – Bootstrapping, MRE/5D framework
  • Skills – Breakout sessions, topic specific subgroups
  • Knowledge – Sharing knowledge, subgroups, archives
  • Connection – Meeting others within the group