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A Marketing swarm is a gathering of bootstrappers with experience marketing businesses. They will, in the space of one meeting, prepare a recommended marketing plan for the subject business.

  1. June 2006: Bootstrap Network Swarm
  2. March 2007: Social Network Swarm
  3. April 2007: Small Planet Guide Swarm

Swarm Me!

If you are a bootstrap member and want us to do a marketing swarm on you, please add the name of the business you want us to swarm, your name, and a link to your User page here.

NOTE: Your user page should give us a way to get in touch with you.

Company Name Back of the Room
Entrepreneur Steven List
Description Back of the Room is an online bookstore that specializes in self-published and small press products. Several Bootstrappers have products listed on the site ( We've had some reasonable success in reaching authors/product creators, and are now working on reaching consumers.
Company Name TRACE((e))
Entrepreneur Tom Baum--Texasbootz 21:42, 28 June 2006 (CDT)
Description Whereas Google helps find information fast in the virtual world, TRACE((e)) helps find things fast and lose them less in the real world. Its flagship offering, "egoIDs", facilitates this by creating and attaching digital "egos" or "identities" to physical things and locations --> "who says objects can't talk?"


Company Name
Entrepreneur Brian Massey
Description scripts and produce podcasts for marketers. If you want to use podcasting as a powerful part of your marketing mix, can help you be heard.

Company Name
Entrepreneur springnet
Description is an offshoot of which was an instant hit and showed up several "lists" of top web 2.0 apps and has been catching on with the social bookmarking communities. Our strategy page is at We are forming a virtual team and have several web designers and developers involved. We have registered over 80 "slides" themed sites. The basic concept is that you can filter a google search, a technorati search, a tag search etc and show the results as a "slide show". It is "hands free browsing" once the slide show starts you don't have to click. We're using an interstitial advertising model. Actively seeking team members. Contact Paul Terry Walhus 512.581.9617

Company Name Ziga Zoga
Entrepreneur Jason Cronkhite
Description Ziga Zoga is soccer specific community dedicated to the development of players, coaches, parents and general soccer fans. Our mission is to provide products and services specifically designed or geared to cater to the soccer community (let your mind run wild and its probably going to be included). Contact me at 210.259.3242 or jason.cronkhite<at>

Company Name Small Planet Guide
Entrepreneur drwhitworth
Description Small Planet Guide is a an online real estate company. We are focused on the Austin apartment rental market but have plans to grow to other cities. Our goal is to become the MLS of apartment listings as well as create a unique and innovative way of finding an apartment. We have only been around for only a short time but have already hit almost 20,000 visitors per month and growing quickly. I need some help doing some creative and inexpensive marketing for both my customers, the apartments, and my users online. Contact me at 512.417.2713 or drwhitworth<at> website is

Company Name WiredReach / BoxCloud
Entrepreneur ashmaurya
Description BoxCloud is dead-simple file sharing for creative professionals. It allows designers to share large files with clients and coworkers without any uploading or emailing. They simply drag-n-share stuff right from their desktop. Our marketing initiatives to date have included advertising on the DECK (, getting reviewed/mentioned by influential bloggers, and word of mouth. We are always looking for other effective ways for reaching our target audience.

Company Name RUWT? (
Entrepreneur Mark Phillip
Description Can algorithms determine if a College Basketball game is exciting?

At the core of this sports-focused social networking site is RUWTbot, our "game-watching robot" that monitors sports feeds searching for instant classics in the making. It can identify no-hitters through 7, a ranked college team getting upset, or a game going into double overtime. The "excitement rating" created by RUWTbot mashed up with personalized TV listings and the opinions of users also watching games, allows us to send a text message or email alert when you need to stop raking the leaves, get on the couch, and turn on channel 28.

Company Name [Self Book It]
Entrepreneur Jason Howell
Description makes shopping services and scheduling appointments as easy as buying books and finding fares online. As a Long Tail aggregator for service microbusinesses, Self Book It will do for appointment-based services what eBay has done for goods, Amazon has done for books, iTunes has done for music, and Google has done for ads. Self Book It holistically solves a culmination of problems: high-speed consumers better manage their time and their life, service providers cost-effectively attract ideal client flow, and a sales force of affiliate Sites monetize their stickier traffic. With Self Book It, each available appointment becomes a fully merchandised product and cost-per-action advertisement that is easily distributed throughout the Web. Providers centrally post their availability for consumers to privately shop and securely schedule from Web 2.0 communities, blogs, marketplaces, directories, and iCalendaring systems as well as from Self Book It's membership portal[[1]], community[[2]], and SEO niche Sites[[3]].

Company Name Company
Entrepreneur Your User Page