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founded 2006

Group Parameters for the Growth Boot Board

Growth Members

Next Meeting Time/Location
  • Date/Time: First Wed. of each Month
    3:00-6:00 pm
  • Location: Blue Fish Conference Room (Thanks for providing the space Michael!). The location is downtown. Michael will validate parking. Driving/parking directions available here.

Core elements

  1. Members have survived the initial Valley of Death stage of their business;
  2. No sales within the group, but open partnerships on projects, etc. acceptable - though the prospect of such partnerships should not be a motivation of joining the group;
  3. Members should be comfortable opening their books to other members;
  4. Members are responsible for insuring non-competetive conflicts within the board;

Logistics (to be discussed and confirmed after first meeting)

  1. Meet bi-weekly two hours (May do one more formal, and one less formal per month);
  2. Meet at Blue Fish Development Group (MAP)
  3. Group commitment required

If interested in participating in the Growth Board, contact Chad Jewell

Current Members

Facilitator: None

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