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A collaborator is a Bootstrapper who has not only generalized a need of the community – but feels they have created a resource to fulfill this need as a product or service offered outside the community. These products/services have been offered first as a Contributor to members of the Bootstrap Community. Both the Bootstrap Organization and the Collaborator benefit from this arrangement, and if successful can lead to the a larger market release of the product as a new venture. Each collaboration is uniquely structured through mutual agreement between the Bootstrap Organization and the Collaborator.

Bootstrappers are encouraged to leverage the Collaborator model for collaborations with each other.

NOTE: This is how the Bootstrap Organization generates revenue, since it does not charge its members to participate.


  • Has been a Contributor of the community for 3 months or more

Typical Participation

  • Release and Rollout of Alpha/Beta product/service within community as a Contribution
  • Integration of Product/Service in one or more Bootstrap Initiatives
  • Feedback activity with members of Bootstrap Community


  1. Collaborators are in no way precluded from selling their product or service, however they do so under their own brand/company
  2. Collaborators own their IP/product and Bootstrap owns the Boot-brand.
  3. Collaborators and the Bootstrap org are free to exit the relationship and remain whole