Bootstrapper Reading List, Brett Hurt

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  1. Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion, Robert B. Cialdini. (recommended to me by Richard Shell, Wharton Negotiations professor). A must for any evangelizer or marketer - it may turn on your filters and teach you about human nature
  2. The Five Temptations of a CEO: A Leadership Fable, Patrick M. Lencioni. A classic, analyze your negative temptations as a leader
  3. Obsessions of an Extraordinary Executive: The Four Disciplines at the Heart of Making Any Organization World Class, Patrick M. Lencioni. Another classic, learn how to be a leader and provide direction
  4. Warfighting: The United States Marine Corps, U. S. Marine Corps Staff. Learn how to be a Marine Officer strategizing in war time, lots of good leadership examples
  5. The One Minute Manager, Kenneth Blanchard, Spencer Johnson. Simple, but important mid-level mgmt skills, hard to apply, easy to read
  6. Fierce Conversations: Achieving Success at Work & in Life, One Conversation at a Time, Susan Scott. A must read - written by a CEO coach, a recent read for me and hard to apply but very important
  • Nos 1 and 6 are recommended for very early stage.
  • Nos 2-5 are when you are in the Valley of Death and need to learn management quickly to get through it.