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Google Map of Key Locations


La Madeleine Arboretum has a separate room for a breakout. It will hold 20 people

Triumph Cafe at 3808 Spicewood Springs. They have an outside patio in the back which can be used for meetings.

HBMG Foundation at 7901 Cameron Rd. Bldg. 3, 3rd Fl. They have space for small meetings of 5 people up to larger rooms that can hold 65 people. Plenty of parking. Food and beer are ok. Tables ad chairs are available. Contact Ariel at ariel AT hbmgfoundation DOT org

St. Edward's Professional Education Center (Arboretum Area). Contact: Rudy Rodriguez. email rudyr at seupec dot com. Tel: 342-4106 Rent great rooms and can cater if you like. All sizes and configurations are possible. Much of their space is brand new, I think they have 33,000 sq ft +. I use them for meetings, training, and have also brought clients there. (Darrell Raynor)


Waterloo Ice House has a separate room that will seat 50 well. The room is long and thin. They sometimes bring in singers who play in the adjacent room. The sound travels! If you have a speakers, you might request that they have the singer start a bit later! Dedicated parking lot and free. Contact: Brian (took over as Manager ~9/07) 423-0089.

Boomerang Pies has an outside area that will hold about 20 people. Contact: Jack Fennell ( or Ashley Koenings ( (512) 380-0032.

La Madeleine 34th/Lamar has a separate room for a breakout that holds about 40 people. Downside - no beer.

Leadership Austin, 1609 Shoal Creek Blvd, Ste 202, great conference room, seats 20 people nicely. Only available for Bootstrap or nonprofit organizations. To reserve, contact Jeff Olmeda: jolmeda AT leadershipaustin DOT org.

House of Tutors offers an amazing meeting room with space and chairs for large groups and tables and chairs for smaller groups. Centrally located at 2400 Pearl St. (24th at Pearl). One Bootstrap meeting per month can be held there for free subject to availability and coordination with Trish Woodley (trish AT houseoftutors DOT edu) or John. Tel: 512-472-6666. Currently, marketing swarms are held there. Bootstrap member companies are also welcome to rent the space if meetings are pre-scheduled for a 20% discount - rates available from Trish.


Austin Java Parkway at 12th & Lamar has an outside covered patio that can be reserved for meetings. Seats about 25 with wifi. To reserve, contact Kristi Alder; kristi AT austinjava DOT com. Tel: 512 476-1829.

Opal Divine's Downtown location has an upstairs room that will seat 30 comfortably and has a projector, screen and DVD player. Bootstrap can use this room, however, we cannot officially reserve it (and therefore guarantee that we will have it) unless we commit to a $20 minimum per person. For 20 people or less, we can reserve the humidor room on the ground floor. Call Landon Smith to check about the rooms: 512-656-6856, email: landon AT Their Parking lot is behind, but folks will likely have to park on the street, which can be a challenge, especially up till 6:30. General Manager is: Carol Hickey,, (512) 517-6772. Free Wifi by LessNetworks.

Cedar Door Back space will accomodate 50 people. Open air, fans are somewhat loud. They have their own parking lot. Contact: Chris Payne, Manager, (512) 473-3712 or Anita Thomas 415-6404.

Rio Grande Mexican Restaurant at 3rd & Rio Grande. Options: either waive room fee ($50 to $200 value), a complimentary starter appetizer platter ($75 value), or a 10% discount off the entire bill. Can accomodate 20 to 300 people. Contact: Suzy Shaffer, tel: 608-7783.

Moonshine Bar and Grill. One outdoor space with a socializing area for 50, but will be hard with a speaker because it's open air. Parking is a bit of a hassle.

Tambaleo on Bowie, just past 6th/Lamar. Sound stage + mic, but no separate area. Better for purely social events. Contact: Chad Mize 472-3213.

Jo's Coffee Downtown is good for a 5-10 person meeting.

Rio Grande Mexican Restaurant has a separate room for 35 people. Not closed off from the rest of the restaurant, but will be in July. Contact: Suzy Shaffer ( or Tara McGaughran ( 476 8300. Parking is on the street.

Gingerman Pub is the site of the original bootstrap get-together! They have an outside deck where max 25 folks can hang out. Unfortunately, birds live in the trees and reign gifts from above! Beer selection is great, but no food. Contact: Kristin Jacobsen ( (512) 473-8801.


Conjunctured is a coworking space located in a historic house built in 1918 on E. 7th St. The house is just under 1,600 square feet, with a kitchenette, large front porch, small front yard, parking lot for 6-8 cars in the back, and five rooms dedicated to different aspects of work. Bootstrap members Dusty Reagan, David Walker, John Metcalf and Cesar Torres. Listen to the podcast of Bijoy touring the space with Dusty and David.They are willing to host Bootstrap meetings in off-peak times like weekends and evenings. Contact Dusty: dusty AT dustyreagan dot com.


Austin Java Barton Springs has an outside covered patio that can be reserved for meetings. Seats about 25 with wifi. To reserve, contact Ryan Fulmer; ryan AT austinjava DOT com. Tel: 512.482.9450.

Opal Divine's PennField location is brand new, has a separate meeting space that will seat 60 people comfortably. Ample parking space, but it's a bit far south. Contact: Carol Hickey,, (512) 517-6772

El Mercado Contact: Arturo Apodaca, Manager Very nice separate room ($50 nonrefundable fee), which seats 50 comfortably and they have their own parking lot. Just south of the river.

Cafe Caffeine at 909 W Mary. Tel: (512) 447-9473, email jeff at Just east of the corner of S. 5th and W. Mary. Great medium-sized establishment, friendly management and staff. They have a projector, but no screen.

Dominican Joe Coffee Shop at 515 S Congress at the SE corner of Congress and Riverside. Outside area can be used for meetings. Tel: (512) 448-3919

St. Edwards at 3001 South Congress Avenue. To reserve space, contact Rudy Rodriguez - 342-4106 or rudyr AT seupec DOT com - with: proposed date/time and size of audience. Meeting spaces in a classroom setting.