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After understanding the community and realizing some level of benefit, the Active Participant actively interacts with other Participants of the community in order to advance his/her own venture AND help other community participants advance their ventures. Examples: Participation in a sub-group like Bootstrap Ideation Subgroup; active exchange of messages on the Yahoo Group; leverage the BootKarma system to trade services with other participants.


  • Increases member's efficiency and effectiveness as a bootsrapper
  • Ideation for new opportunities
  • Personal and professional validation
  • Personal reflection, feedback and advice from fellow-bootstrappers
  • Develop meaningful relationships with other bootstrappers
  • Learn from speakers and content


  • Active commitment to help him/herself through venture phases
  • Commitment to interact with others towards the same goal of venture development

Typical Participation

  • Monthly Meetings
  • Participation in one or more Subgroup or initiative (like Book Club)
  • Contributes in Yahoo Group(s)
  • Posts Completed Public Profile on Bootstrap Online Network

Community Systems

  • Bootstrap Karma - participant has gathered endorsements from 4 already-endorsed members of the system and can now freely transact on the BK system with other participants.