Tapping into University Talent

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A number of you have asked how I was able to get 7 grad students (and 2 professors) working on the business.

The short answer is: seek and yee shall find.

The long answer is:

  1. Personal persistence - I located the students the old fashion way. That is, I went in person to the university departments that I thought might be able to help: Computer Science and Business Management departments. Exchanged contact information and followed up with a summary of cool projects for students to work on / learn from that would also benefit the company.
  2. Timing is important - I was aware that both UT and St. Eds had student projects and intern student programs. The key is to hit the departments at the right time -- when they are planning for the next semester of projects. Find this out for the departments that specialize in specific areas of your business. I failed to do this at UT and got nowhere with them (this round). If you miss the current gate, find out when the next one will come around.
  3. Know someone who knows someone - Fortunately for me, one of my advisors had engaged the St. Eds Capstone student programs in the past and thus put in a good word for my company.
  4. Meet with the professors in person to relay your needs and understand what project types might match their student roster - I met two for lunch and one in his office.
  5. Realize you are blessed - the fact that you have the opportunity to pursue your dreams means someone is watching out for you, keep the faith.

Once you get accepted into a program, manage it by setting a clear vision (easier said than done), communicate expectations, negotiate a Big Hairy Audacious Goal (a plan) with interim deliverables and stay connected with the student(s) via periodic communication.

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