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Since 1995, Peoplefund has viewed low-income communities as places of capacity and potential. We strive to promote lasting economic vitality for low-income people by implementing strategies that create jobs, provide safe and affordable homes, and promote good economic policy decisions for communities.

With a 12 year track record, PeopleFund has advanced our Mission through high impact financing strategies that achieve social and economic opportunity. We have made over 225 loans totaling almost $14 million to small businesses, schools, healthcare providers, and to develop affordable homes.

PeopleFund is founded on the belief that tapping human potential through investments, tarining and leadership will open the doors of prosperity for all members of our community. This requires PeopleFund to maintain an active relationship with the market environment through investments, business support services and public education.

PeopleFund is a federally certified Community Development Financial Institution (CDFI).