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If you have a guide you'd like to create on a topic of expertise and potential interest to bootstrappers, please add it here. Add your myguide page links below (follow the bracket formatting), save, then click on the link which will take you to a blank page where you can write the guide.

myGuide List

  1. Tapping into University Talent by Tom Baum
  2. Cheap research by Ryan Pitylak
  3. Backup Recommendations by David James
  4. Hoovers Online
  5. Website Analytics
  6. PR and Marketing by Dee Copeland
  7. Austin Media Contacts by Jen Blackert
  8. Business Credit by Austin Reed
  9. PC to MAC by Daniel Hedrick
  10. Bootstrapper Reading List, Brett Hurt
  11. Add yourself to a Group in SWL/Bootsrap Social Network by Brian Massey
  12. Internet Payment Gateway by Ben Finklea