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As you might have seen in Fight Club... and trying my best Brad Pit impression...

  1. The first rule of Fight Club is we don't talk about Fight Club
  2. The second rule of Fight Club is we don't talk about Fight Club

Applied to Bootstrap Austin:

  1. The first rule of Bootstrap Austin is that we don't talk about Bootstrap Austin or make commentary on the main bootstrap-austin email list except for targeted request that support us in bootstrapping our businesses. If we are replying to a list, we do our best to stick to the entrepreneur who has made a request in responding to their request (if copying the whole list).
  2. The second rule of Bootstrap Austin is that we don't talk about ourselves on the bootstrap-austin list... that is, we do our best to limit our marketing conversations... no spamming the list... but if you have something that you need to make something happen in your business (other than spamming the list outright) then share it. If you know of great resources available, especially for the bootstrapper that is suffering right now in their garage... then let us know. But don't push widgets.

These rules are purposely vague. This is my interpretation of the "protocol" that we use to utilize this list. This is a protocol, not a set of rules. (the use of the world "rules" comes from Fight Club). We create this space, where the value is everyone's attention in this space that we can all leverage, and we use it, but at least try to not abuse it (so that as many of us as possible can leverage it).

I am saying this for two reasons:

  1. To ask those who want to debate about the appropriateness about something take it off list. If you have a debate about something, and you think someone is abusing the list, talk with me or Bijoy, or send a private email to the person that is out of line and work with them. We try to gently guide the list to staying valuable. Sometimes we kick ass at this, sometimes we screw up.... but we have found that the best way is not to talk about Bootstrap Austin (its problems, or abuse of the list) on list... but to handle it behind the scenes.
  2. To ask those that are suffering with some business issue to SPEAK UP! Don't let the four walls of your garage kill your business. If you have not been using the list, please do use it. We are about to have more space on the list given that there will be less debate and commentary... but more time for supporting you and your business.

Oh... and if you have not seen Fight Club- rent it... or come borrow my DVD. Or my book. Or come work out at the martial arts dojo that I practice at.  :-)