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Group Parameters for the International Boot Board

Core elements: 1) Prominent international element within your business - clients, partners, team members, etc.; 2) Some services element to your business - product companies are fine but must offer some surrounding services; 3) No sales within the group, but open partnerships on projects, etc. acceptable - though the prospect of such partnerships should not be a motivation of joining the group; 4) Only companies currently in business or persons in the "ideation" stage who have already run a business and are actively preparing to start/join a new venture; and 5) You must have spent extensive time traveling internationally and/or living outside of your home country

Logistics (to be discussed and confirmed after first meeting): 1) Meet bi-weekly Friday afternoons for two hours (though the frequency of meetings is up for debate); 2) Meet at Kevin Koym's offices at Mesa and Spicewood Springs or somewhere (TBD) within a 10 minute drive if Kevin's space is unavailable; 3) Seeking 10 - 12 participants, expecting 6 - 8 to attend each meeting; 4) No initial "cost" beyond covering any food/drink expenses; and 5) Group commitment required - a rotating facilitator within the group expected

We are soliciting interest from all Bootstrappers who meet the criteria above and are potentially interested in joining the group. Please contact Kevin Koym or Rick Davis for more information on meeting times. The first meeting should occur during the first part of June 2006.

Current Members

  • Kevin Koym
  • Rick Davis
  • Jeremy Solomons

Interested Parties

Please post your name here on this list, with email address:

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