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  • Brandy Rainey - Set It Off! Productions, Brandy AT setitoffproduction DOT com


Encourage and support bootstrappers in the film industry to bootstrap their films and support each other. The film industry, as with many others, is undergoing a huge shift. Hollywood is moving to even larger-scale productions of concepts that have existing brands and can be serialized - Spiderman, Pirates, Shrek, Oceans, etc. Meanwhile, the costs of making films has gone dramatically down both from a recording and editing standpoint, making it more accessible. Bootstrap filmmakers can find their niche customers through innovative sales, marketing and use of the Internet. This requires a shift in mindset away from investors and movie theatres as final destinations. It even changes what a "film" is, as consumers start consuming stories on their computers, ipods and phones.

As with any period of change, it's a time of great opportunity for bootstrappers!