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Bijoy sent out a request on 6/28/06 for cartoonists and animators. Here are the responses:

Roy Starkey - Cartoon Animation Sample 1, Sample 2, Sample 3 (Rham Sriram) (Jason Cronkhite)

"ComicLife" on the Mac - lets you make carton animation on your own (John Cox)

The Animation Farm (Rodrigo DeJuana)

Cameron - an amazing artist, cartoonist, screenwriter. (Steve Kramer)

Nathan Jensen, 512.927-2285, an experienced artist, cartoonist, muralist and animator. You can see some of his animation work in the critically acclaimed "Waking Life" and the upcoming "A Scanner Darkly", both directed by Richard Linklatter. I've known Nathan since 1985, and he is the hardest working person I've ever met. He's been a "bootstrap artist" for many years. (Don Lamm, Lisa Bebee)

Austin 3D Users Group, members range from local college students to professional game developers. The students are always looking for intern opportunities to provide projects they need to graduate and a lot of the professionals are available for moonlight projects. There is a lot of very creative work being done in Austin these days. (Don Lamm)

Horse Back Salad, Digital BBQ Creative (Brandon Hudgeons)

Sergio Rosas, one of the top game directors in the industry and fellow bootstrapper. (Gabriel Diaz)

Sjon Ueckert -, chief editor for my business, LifeStories Alive, also does cartoon animation. He is a very experienced editor. He teaches Apple's FinalCut Pro at Stanford and UT. (Mike O'Krent)

Shaheel Hooda, given what his company does, I'm sure that he would know of a good animation cartoonist or two. (Steve Portnoy)

Kevin Middleton,, is a well known caricature here in Austin. (Cindy Lo)

Will Zhang, does a lot of flash animations. (Cindy Lo)