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Bootstrap is by definition a "mentoring community," and we serve as mentors for each other. However, this occurs on an adhoc basis. Here we list folks who have expressed an interest in mentoring bootstrappers in a more formal an committed way.

We have only done a first-pass vetting of these folks as potential mentors. If you use them, send Bijoy feedback on your experience with them!

Available Mentors

Hall Martin (hallt_martin AT yahoo DOT com) is the Corporate Development Director, Emerging Technologies for National Instruments. He focuses on research into new technologies. Previously he worked as Corporate Development Director for Emerging Markets, Market Development Director, International Marketing Manager, and European Sales Manager. He joined the company in 1986 as an Application Engineer. Hall has a BS in computer science from Baylor and an MBA from UT Austin. He is a member of Upsilon Phi Epsilon and the Computer Science Honor Society. He has advised numerous startups in high tech and other areas. He coaches startups with in the area of sales, marketing, financing, and operations.