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Bijoy is teaching a semester-long course at the Khabele School in downtown Austin (8th/Rio Grande). The school is a Bootstrap Non Profit founded by Khotso and Moya Khabele. The class meets for 4 hours every Monday from 8:40-11:15.

The course will help the students:

  1. Learn bootstrapping principles
  2. Hear from bootstrappers from the Austin chapter (and pair up with students)
  3. Start and develop ventures around students' talents and passions

Let me know if you are interested in sharing your bootstrap adventures with the students. This will be an hour of your time.

Bootstrap Austin Presenters

  1. Joshua Baer - Sep 25
  2. Kendra Wright?
  3. Mark Smith?
  4. Mousumi Shaw - Sep 18
  5. Michael Griffin?
  6. Michael Wilson?
  7. Terrany Johnson?
  8. Tina Schweiger?
  9. Bjorn Billhardt?
  10. Steven List - Any day works
  11. add name + preferred day here