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As the pace of technology continues to accelerate forward, many of the bootstrappers in the Bootstrap Austin network are driving change through their work with emerging technologies, sometimes called "disruptive" technologies. These technologies have a tendancy to "disrupt" the existing status quo, whether through making fundamental structural changes (e.g. the cell phone has changed the way that we all make phone calls; cell phone plans that allow calling anywhere in the USA have disrupted old school long distance providers, making the notion of a long distance calling plan a thing of the past).

The subgroup Bootstrap Disruptive is a group of bootstrappers that are pushing the edges of technology in multiple domains; creating technologies that as they emerge, naturally disrupt the existing status quo.

In this group we will explore the issues of how to bring a disruptive technology to market; and in working between our companies together, we will support each other in getting across the "valley of death" in bringing these technologies to market as products.

Please contact Kevin Koym if you are interested in joining this group.