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Kinda odd, but somehow this Wiki seems easier to deal with than the Yahoo! group for sharing information. Does anyone else think so too?

I agree!

We'd like to know who you are

I see that we have at least one anonymous person making comments. We'd really prefer that everyone identify themselves, just on general principles.

I agree that this is far easier for information sharing than the Yahoo group. That's what's got me jazzed - a Wiki is really about collaboration.


Hello all,

I began moving my software company to the Agile development method about a year ago. The change was necessary and for the better. I made a brief presentation on the subject at TESTCo's most recent quarterly meeting. Here's a link to the powerpoint and audio download: I'm no expert, however, and we're still learning quite a bit about this process. One question I'd like to share is in regard to performance measurement. What kind of metrics are people using to gain insight into the performance of their team, or to motivate them to improve?


Michael Hayes

For us the big metric is showing up, a good friend of mine described his team this way "we have twelve people but a lot of them are in the witsness protection program, because we never see them." Some of my clients have similar problems, attendance and tardiness (for lack of better labels) are big issues. Now understand that in my business the excuse "I was up all night playing games" is actually a valid issue, one I like to encourage as long as it is really R&D for us. 8-)

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