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This is a Bootstrap Service Offered to Large Organizations by the Bootstrap Network.

As companies evolve through the stages of Ideation, VoD, Growth, they move into a sustained period where optimization and improvement of the discoveries from the first VoD occur. This is the domain of classic business focus such as most MBA programs.

There comes a time, however, when large companies need to rebootstrap themselves, i.e. tap into bootstrapping as an Innovation process to develop entirely new products and services. Bootstrap Network intends to help these organizations do exactly that through a systematic Rebootstrap Initiative which will:

1. Create and support an internal community of bootstrappers (similar to Bootstrap Austin) 2. Teach bootsrapping principles 3. Shepherd small bootstrap teams through Ideation, VoD and Growth


  • John Sifonis


bijoy AT aviri DOT com if you are interested in this initiative. Only Bootstrap Contributors can participate.