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Ideation involves the newly minted bootstrapper dedicating time and energy towards creating a Demo of the product, service, website, experience, cause or community they wish to offer. This stage involves finding a complementary dance partner - a cofounder - who will serve as a key collaboration partner.

There is a misplaced myth in the importance of finding investor capital during this stage. The Bootstrapper must have the discipline to avoid taking this step.

There is also a pervasive myth that bootstrappers have to have a "big idea" before they can get going. The great bootstrappers have small ideas that are are a natural outgrowth of a dedicated Preideation process and they work to get those to customers. Over time, their small ideas turn into big ones.

Similarly, the great bootstrappers do not go it alone. Understanding their Core Type, they seek out dance partners who complement their weaknesses. This is one of the key actions of the Ideation stage.


Use Everything, breakdown myths/blocks, what should I create?


Product Journey, mock-up, good enough using limited resources




Maven Leads