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*[[Ideation Subgroup]]
*[[Ideation Subgroup]]
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'''The Rules of DemoCamp'''<br>
'''The Rules of DemoCamp'''<br>

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Related Initiatives

The Rules of DemoCamp
Rule #1 of DemoCamp: Talk about DemoCamp
Rule #2 of DemoCamp: No powerpoints allowed

No PowerPoint!
This is mandatory. You must show working software or a product. The goal is to make presenters show, demonstrate, talk about their actual software/hardware/etc. We’re not looking for sales presentations. We want developers, CEOs, designers and others to have a forum to be proud of their work and share it with their peers.

DemoCamp format
5 presentations - 20 min each (3 minutes for setup, 10-12 minute presentation, 5 minutes for questions)
Event should last about 1.5 hours plus however long the crowd remains for socializing, networking, hanging out, job hunting, recruiting, chatting, drinking, eating, etc.

DemoCamp III
November 18th, 2008
6:30pm - 8:30pm

Presenting Companies
1. Lou Ellman - Royalty Zone | Online royalty reporting & payment tracking
2. Karen Bantuveris - VolunteerSpot | Online volunteer management & mobilization
3. Edward Cruz - Bounty Storms | Online brainstorming

Email Miles Sims for more information on how to signup to present at the first Democamp